Our Saturday schedule of talks has a rather full day! We’re only doing a single-track of talks, so they’ll be a bit rapid-fire, every 30 minutes.

Time Main Track
8:15 amRegistration
8:45 amOpening Remarks
9:00 amYour Website Checklist Courtney Engle Robertson
9:30 amSo, you want to build and release a plugin? Ryan Duff
10:00 amAaron Struck by Lightning Aaron Jorbin
10:30 amResponsive Design with WordPress Joe Casabona
11:00 amKick off your Custom Theme Development Right Amy Hendrix
11:30 amLessons from Building an Accessible WordPress Theme David A. Kennedy
12:00 pmLunch
1:00 pmWTF?!? WordPress Typography Fundamentals Mary Waldman
1:15 pmLocal SEO For Small Local Business Chad Eisenhart
1:30 pmUnderstanding Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) Suzette Franck
2:00 pmSecurity Joseph Herbrandson
2:30 pmJetpack for Jetpack Haters Rami Abraham
3:00 pmA11Y? I18N? L10N? UTF8? WTF? Understanding the connections between accessibility, internationalization, localization, and character sets Michael Toppa
3:30 pmWordPress & Enterprise: Building a Community of Practice for Family Medicine. Bryan Peach, Michael Zigmund, Tim McKenna
4:00 pmKeynote: Getting from GitHub to WordPress Scott González
4:45 pmClosing Remarks

Our after-party will be running from about 7-10pm at Commonwealth on Queen, a scant half-block from our Saturday Venue. Music, conversation, networking, local beers, wines, and rye whiskey will be provided.


From about 11am—5pm we’ll be having a Contributor/Dev Day at The Candy Factory coworking space, about a block away from our Saturday venue.