Where is VisionCorps?

VisionCorps is located at 244 North Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 17603

So, I’m sold.  Lancaster’s awesome, but how do I get there?

Well, there’s a couple ways.

Planes: Lancaster does have an airport, but it’s itty-bitty.  Sun Air runs a regional shuttle four times a day between Dulles Airport (right outside DC) and Lancaster Airport for about $50 each way.  The Yellow Cab Taxi service would be glad to come fetch you from the airport if you like — it’s about a ten to fifteen minute drive from the convention center.  Alternately, you can fly into Philly, catch the SEPTA to 30th Street Station, then take an Amtrak the rest of the way (see the next section).  If you fly into Philly, Lancaster is about 2 hours either by car or train.  You could also fly into Harrisburg (MDT) — which is about a 35-40 minute drive from Lancaster, but flights in tend to be slightly pricier and less frequent.

Trains: If you’re near an Amtrak station in the north-east, we have an Amtrak station here in Lancaster that’s not even a mile from the location.

Automobiles: If you’re driving in, there is a huge parking garage not even a half block from the venue. You can of course rent a car and ride-share with friends if you like, or Lancaster does have taxis, but you’ll normally need to call for them (it’s somewhat rare to flag them down on the street). http://yellowcablancaster.com/ 717-392-2222

Where should I stay while in Lancaster?

If you’d like to stay in town, we recommend staying at Hotel Lancaster — it’s not even a block away from our venue, and they’ve given us a group rate of $114/night plus taxes (including taxes, it comes out to $126.54/night).  They are under new ownership as of October 2013, and it’s been totally remodeled.

Other options in the area includ the Lancaster Marriott about two blocks further down the road, and about four or five blocks in the other direction is the Lancaster Arts Hotel — much more of a boutique hotel, and a very nice place to stay.